Engine Arguments

When executed, the jolie engine can be parametrized with some arguments. The complete list can be checked by typing jolie --help. whose result in the console is:

Usage: jolie [options] program_file [program arguments]

Available options:
    -h, --help                                Display this help information
    -C ConstantIdentifier=ConstantValue        Sets constant ConstantIdentifier to ConstantValue before starting execution 
                                               (under Windows use quotes or double-quotes, e.g., -C "ConstantIdentifier=ConstantValue" )
    --connlimit [number]                    Set the maximum number of active connection threads
    --conncache [number]                    Set the maximum number of cached persistent output connections
    --responseTimeout [number]                Set the timeout for request-response invocations (in milliseconds)
    --correlationAlgorithm [simple|hash]    Set the algorithm to use for message correlation
    --log [severe|warning|info|fine]        Set the logging level (default: info)
    --stackTraces                            Activate the printing of Java stack traces (default: false)
    --typecheck [true|false]                Check for correlation and other data related typing errors (default: false)
    --check                                    Check for syntactic and semantic errors.
    --trace [console|file]                    Activate tracer. console prints out in the console, file creates a json file
    --traceLevel [all|comm|comp]            Defines tracer level: all - all the traces; comm - only communication traces; comp - only computation   
                                            traces. Default is all. 
    --charset [character encoding, e.g., UTF-8]        Character encoding of the source *.ol/*.iol (default: system-dependent, on GNU/Linux UTF-8)
    -p PATH                                    Add PATH to the set of paths where modules are looked up
    -s [service name], --service [service name]        Specify a service in the module to execute (not necessary if the module contains only one service definition)
    --params json_file                        Use the contents of json_file as the argument of the service being executed.
    --version                                Display this program version information
    --cellId                                set an integer as cell identifier, used for creating message ids. (max: 2147483647)                             
                                            Display this program version information

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