JSON-RPC Protocol

JSON-RPC is a remote procedure call protocol encoded in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). Jolie implements version 2 over HTTP transport. Protocol name in Jolie port definition: jsonrpc.

JSON-RPC Parameters

type JsonRpcConfiguration:void {
    * Defines whether the underlying connection should be kept open.
    * Default: true
    .keepAlive?: bool
    * Defines whether debug messages should be activated
    * Default: false
    .debug?: bool

     * Enable the HTTP content compression
     * On client side the "Accept-Encoding" header is set to "gzip, deflate"
     * or according to "requestCompression". On the server the compression is
     * enabled using gzip or deflate as the client requested it. gzip is
     * preferred over deflate since it is more common.
     * If the negotiation was successful, the server returns the compressed data
     * with a "Content-Encoding" header and an updated "Content-Length" field.
     * Default: true

     * Enables the HTTP request compression feature.
     * HTTP 1.1 per RFC 2616 defines optional compression also on POST requests,
     * which works unless HTTP errors are returned, for instance 415 Unsupported
     * Media Type.
     * Jolie allows to set the parameter to "gzip" or "deflate" which overrides
     * also the "Accept-Encoding" header. This invites the server to use the same
     * algorithm for the response compression. Invalid values are ignored.
     * If all conditions are met, the request content gets compressed, an
     * additional "Content-Encoding" header added and the "Content-Length"
     * header recalculated.
     * Default: none/off

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