It is possible to define constants by means of the construct constants. The declarations of the constants are divided by commas. The syntax is:

constants {
    const1 = val1,
    const2 = val2,
    contsn = valn

As an example let us consider the following code:

constants {
    Server_location = "socket://localhost:8080",
    ALARM_TIMEOUT = 2000,
    standard_gravity = 9.8

Constants might also be assigned on the command line. Just call a program using jolie -C server_location=\"socket://localhost:4003\" program.ol to override Server_location. We can even remove its declaration from the constants list in case of a mandatory command line assignment.

Attention. Under Windows = is a parameter delimiter. To correctly use the command line option -C make sure to enclose the assignment of the constant between single or double quotes like jolie -C "server_location=\"socket://localhost:4003\"" program.ol .