Inclusion code:

Service Deployment
Port NameLocationProtocolInterfaces
Reflection documentation:

List of Available Interfaces


Interface documentation: WARNING: the API of this service is experimental. Use it at your own risk.

Operation NameInput TypeOutput TypeFaults
invokeInvokeRequestundefinedOperationNotFound( string ) InvocationFault( InvocationFaultType )

Operation Description


Operation documentation: Invokes the specified .operation at .outputPort. If the operation is a OneWay, the invocation returns no value.

Invocation template:

invoke@Reflection( request )( response )

Request type

Type: InvokeRequest

type InvokeRequest: void {
    .outputPort: string
    .data?: undefined
    .resourcePath?: string
    .operation: string

InvokeRequest : void

  • outputPort : string
  • data : any
  • resourcePath : string
  • operation : string

Response type

Type: undefined

undefined : any

Possible faults thrown

Fault OperationNotFound with type string

Fault-handling install template:

install ( OperationNotFound => /* error-handling code */ )

Fault InvocationFault with type InvocationFaultType

Fault-handling install template:

install ( InvocationFault => /* error-handling code */ )
type InvocationFaultType: void {
    .data: string
    .name: string